Regency Group is here to assist you to find a job that satisfies and meaningful to you. The process you will go through is simple and fast. When you contact us, our skilled and professional representative will contact you back with the details we require to register you on our job seekers’ database.

Regency Group’s job seekers’ database proudly holds 20,000 talented and capable candidates all around Australia, and a large number of small and big Australian businesses contact us to provide suitable candidates for them. Once you register with us, we can promise you will be able to find that job you have been always searching for.

On the right we have process we go through with our job seeker members. If you have any more question about us, contact us by clicking below button!

One on One Consultation

When you contact Regency Group, one of our professional representative will contact you and organise a meeting (online or offline) to get to know you in person and to find out what you are looking for. This way we can offer more personalised service than any other similar businesses to us. This meeting will involve going through our standard forms that will cover your details. We will also request your CV and any cover letter/selection criteria you have written, so we have as much information about you as possible.

In this process we provide services including:

  • assistance with successful CV
  • recommendation of suitable career path

Register with Us

After the thorough consultation, you will be registered in Regency Group’s job seekers’ database with as much information as possible that are gained from the consultation. More information you provide, it is more likely that we find more suitable job so please make sure you provide as much information as possible in earlier process. When we have a job come in we run through the database and find a list of the most suitable candidates for the job, then provide the list to employers.

Here are what we would like to achieve in this process:

  • Registration to Regency Group database
  • Interview practices

We pride ourselves on our commitment to job seekers, giving them the communication, advice, and personal services. If you require any other assistance, make sure you communicate to us so we can assist you and provide improved quality of service to all our clients.

Get Ready for Interview

When you are listed in our recommended candidates list to employers, you will need to take interviews and they could be both run by us or the employers. Regency Group offer a range of training for our members to assist with their interviews, so when you are interviewed for your dream job, you will be confident and ready.

Regency Group’s primary goal is to ensure the total success of the recruitment process to the satisfaction of both you and your future employee concerned. This is achieved when the employer’s expectation of the new candidate performance is met, when the candidate acknowledges that they are happy, enthusiastic and confident that all of the job aspects are per expectations and when the candidate has successfully assimilated into the new workforce. Because we see how important it is to have both parties satisfied, we strongly recommend a trial period from 1 to 3 months to both parties. During the trial period you will be able to experience and find out more about the work. However according to our recent survey this year, we have 90% satisfaction rates with our recommendations made for our clients, both job seekers and employers.